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shaping the connected world: digital twins

Shaping the connected world

Digital Twin: a view into the future

mg游戏平台下载The potential value of digital twins across the built environment is enormous.

mg游戏平台下载A digital twin enables organisations to make informed decisions about the design, management and performance of their assets, helping them to be more sustainable and resilient to change.

What is a digital twin?

A digital twin is essentially a digital representation of a real-world entity - an engine, a bridge, a rail network, even an entire city - aimed at making the curation of that entity safer, more efficient, and more resilient to change. Digital twins are undergoing a period of rapid innovation, as explained in our latest report.

Discover the benefits

As digital leaders, Arup can help you take advantage of transformational technologies to make decisions with confidence. With a digital twin we can help you predict traffic patterns, energy usage, building stresses, fire risk and other resource and risk profiles. We equip our clients with a view into the future.


Digital twin for human-centred airport design

Arup is developing Total Experience Lab, a digital twin for airport planning and operation, which uses passenger behaviour data to create a real-world visual simulation. The model uses individual passenger experience and behavioural patterns to inform airport design, helping to improve facilities and operations for the benefit of passengers, staff and airlines.

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Digital twin for real-time decision-making

In a digital twin city, elements such as space, people and activities in the physical city are mapped to a virtual city. Arup’s Neuron City integrates spatial analysis, parametric design, and real-time data visualisation and simulation statistics into a single platform. Using this tool, Arup is providing clients with additional insight to inform future design decisions, driving efficiency gains and improving asset performance.


Digital twin for improving asset performance

mg游戏平台下载Arup Inspect Minteg (AIMTM) is a digitalised workflow to enable remote monitoring of asset integrity, which is particularly beneficial to managing offshore assets, such as wind turbines or oil rigs. The digital twin manages and analyses the full operational data for the asset, from design information to inspection results to environmental conditions. Our clients are already using Arup Inspect to visualise structural analysis of offshore assets and improve operational management and performance.

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Digital twin for predictive maintenance

Modern building are complex amalgams of different technologies and systems. Arup’s Neuron Digital Hub Platform is a comprehensive smart building management system, which combines real-time data from multiple sources into a user-friendly, interactive dashboard. The platform was applied to the Water Cube in Beijing to optimise energy use, improve operational efficiency and predict maintenance requirements.

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How our team can help

You can access our Digital Services through regional consultants around the world. Wherever you’re based, we can help realise your ambitions, combining advanced technology with brilliant thinking to redefine the possible across the built environment.